Les BOF! new single out now!

This is an autoproduction on their own label.

Available at any gig but you can order a copy: £5 + postage & packaging. Sent an email to info@lesbof.fr, payment via Paypal only.

"LES BOF! - Train De Vie // Elle Me Rend Fou - 7" vinyl
latest release by Scottish/French hipsters LES BOF!. Again a smasher double-sider!! Fuzz and harmonica laden Garage gems from the 60s - played in the very own Les BOF! style and with french lyrics! Fasten your seatbelts, push the volume, light your Gauloises fag and enjoy top notch versions to 'Train Kept A Rollin' and 'She's So Fine'
limited edition!!"

Alex, Copasetic Mail Order / CopaseDisques

"...If you've not yet switched on to the masterful tones of Les BOF! - either on stage where they are a total wow, or on phonograph - now is the optimum time do so as they are truly at the top of their games. Excitement personified!..."

Lenny Helsing, Shindig / The Thanes

"congrats my friends..that new 45 is a total ripper..that sound just blew away me and my speakers! THAT is a MONSTER 45!!!!!"

Lutz Raeuber, SoundFlat Records

"My Current Top Five Of 45s By New Bands (In No Particular Order).
- ....
- LES BOF! Train de vie
- ..."

Richie, Screaming Apple Records


European Garage Festival regulars Les BOF! finally get round to releasing their long awaited debut album. This Edinburgh based quartet stomp through an almost entirely self-penned set of French language garage punk rave-ups throwing in couple of Les Miserables and Les Sunlights covers to boot. ‘Nous Sommes . . . Les BOF!’features the same set which sent audiences ape-shit wild from Oslo to Parma and London to Berlin over the past three years, many at international festivals sharing a stage with the likes of Billy ChildishThe Masonics and The Downliners Sect. 
Unhappy with current recording studio situation in UK the band set about building their own studio to record the album, which might explain why it has taken so long to finish. The stunning results were well worth the wait I’m sure you’ll agree! 
The band feature suave singer Laurent Mombel, Marseilles' original ‘Rock & Roll Vandal’ and guitarist Angus McPake, currently playing guitar and organ with The Thanes and also 12 string with legendary reformed Glasgow 60s beat group The Poets.
‘Nous Sommes . . . Les BOF!’ is 14 ‘formidable’ killer tracks of storming yé-yé and out-and-out primitive rock & roll. 
Fancy some cool French 60’s beat? Aah! Mes amis, don’t look no further!!! 
Available on Vinyl, download and CD from CopaseDisques @ Copasetic Mail Order

Alex, Copasetic Mailorder /CopasDisques


1. Rue Marcel Sembat        8. Femme Impossible
2. Mon Heure                       9. Ils Vont Tuer Le R’n’R
3. Temps De Crise              10. Trois Accords
4. Ne Me Jette Pas             11. Vivre Avec Toi
5. Pochtron Club                 12. Laches Moi
6. Tes Cheveux                   13. Le Syndicaliste
7. C’est Fini                          14. L’Autre Coté


First 4 titles 7" EP "LES BOF!" (SOLD OUT)

on the copaseDisques label.


Boule De Cristal

J'ai Perdu Mon Mojo


C'est Fini